Sanjeevan hospital acquired the prestigious NABH accreditation in 2016. It is also the only hospital to do so in the walled city of Delhi. National accreditation board for hospitals and healthcare providers (NABH) ensures that the hospital maintains high standards of quality and patient safety.

Sanjeevan Hospital is also associated with the National Medical Forum , which is a non-governmental organization and channels philanthropic activities of the institution. National medical forum is working towards improving various aspects of healthcare including education , training and providing health amenities to the low socioeconomic group.

Our Chairman’s keen interest towards medical education and fraternity integration lead to the foundation of ¬†“Medical Dialogues- Voice of the medical profession”. It is the largest medical e-newsletter with a monthly readership of over 1 million.¬†Medical Dialogues strongly advocates transparency in the medical sector through the free flow of medical information, health and medical news.

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